Christian Activities in Alnwick

Outdoor Activities

As we mentioned on our 'About' page, each Christian Adventure Holiday week is slightly different because we structure the activities around the skills and qualifications of that week's staff. The following information should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Licensed Adventure Activities
As providers of 'Adventure Activities', we hold a license with the Adventure Activities Licensing Service as required by Law. We are inspected every two years. Our license covers the following Adventure Activities:

Sailing in Alnwick


We use two classes of sailing dinghy. Both will take about four people; both are modern, fast, and exciting to sail. The fleet consists of three Omega boats and three Sport 14 boats. If you’re not a committed speed demon, have a go in a Sport 14 if you want thrills and spills we’ll put you in an Omega.

You will have a skilled and qualified leader with you, who will teach you what to do, and keep you safe. We will provide you with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and windproof clothing to keep you warm and comfortable. Safety cover is provided by two powerboats that stay with the fleet. We sail out of Nichol End Marina on Derwentwater.

Sailing in the lake District Alnwick

"I had the best time of my life"

Kayaking and Canoeing

Our licence covers us to do both of these, but we will only canoe if some of the staff have the qualifications to lead this activity. Our closed kayaks are well suited for use on Derwentwater, and we have a range of sizes and types to cover most sizes and skills of participants.

As with the sailing, we provide wetsuits, buoyancy aids and outer clothing. The leaders that take you out are skilled and qualified.

Hill walking Lake District

Hill walking and Rock Climbing

The Lake District is a brilliant place to climb and walk, as there are so many places to go. This means that we can choose routes that suit the group. We will usually take a minibus to the starting point and then go out for the day from there. As with other activities, we can provide things like boots, water proofs, rucksacks, all of good quality, to make your day as enjoyable as possible.

Most weeks of holiday will offer a day when you can have a go at the more hands-on sport of rock-climbing. Again, we will provide all that you need for this activity.

Off Road Biking

Some call this Mountain biking, and some groups that are strong and fit enough may bike up a mountain! Most groups, however, take to the many off road routes that abound in the Lake District where you can get away from the noise and bustle of the roads. We have a fleet of bikes and, as with all the other activities, a group of very enthusiastic leaders to show you the way.

rafting Holiday Alnwick


Build your own raft and paddle it away. That is the challenge of the activity. Derwentwater, as with all the other water sports, is the venue for this.

rafting in the lake District Alnwick
windsurfing Christian Holiday Alnwick

Gorge or Ghyll Scrambling

Some you go up, some you go down. It is wild and wet, whichever way you go. Gorge or ghyll scrambling means that you either climb up a series of (carefully chosen) waterfalls, following a stream bed, or you slide down them. On a hot summer's day there is no better way of cooling down!

This ends the list of activities defined as Adventure but there are other activities that we also do which do not need a license.

Evening Activities

Around the grounds of Bassenfell are a number of things that we can organise for you to do; these include crate stacking, tree climbing, archery, orienteering, and abseiling. In addition, we often dream up games of our own, just for the fun of it!

A typical day

The day starts with the wake-up call, which heralds another day of fun! We always offer a full breakfast to fuel us up for the day ahead.

After breakfast there is usually a short time when we split up into small groups to look at a Bible passage. When this is over the call goes out to meet at various places in the Manor where the different activity groups are briefed on what is going to happen, and what each person will need to collect from the equipment store for the day. You then go to the store and collect your kit for the day, and put it on. Once all kitted up, we check that you have everything and that it fits properly, then off we go!

All the water sports happen on Derwentwater, but the other activities will travel to their starting point where the activities commence for the day. The sailing and kayaking parties usually meet for lunch, which is taken to the lunch site in one of the powerboats; other activities carry their own.

After lunch the activity continues and we get home about 4.30 in the afternoon. So that you have time to shower and get changed, and maybe have a bit of a rest, dinner is often at about six in the evening. This is followed by some duties that are done in groups - things like sorting out all of the kits ready for the next day and some washing up.

From then on we offer a variety of things to do around the site, up to the time where we all meet together for the evening meeting where we learn what it is to live as a Christian.

Supper and bed follow, and maybe even some sleep!